Flies can be a problem in any home. When they have become a nuisance and seem to be getting out of control, you need to find a solution that works. Over the counter products will often be a waste of time and money because flies have grown immune to those formulas. Additionally, there are so many different species of flies and if you don’t know what you have, the problem can continue on.

With so many species of flies, proper identification is of the utmost importance. Without knowing what’s flying around, you can never get the right treatment.

There are bottle flies, house flies, drain fries, fruit flies, gnats, and so much more. Each one looks different and can result in a whole new set of problems. Depending upon where you live and what’s going on, you may even have more than one kind of fly in your home and this is going to involve an intricate treatment plan so you don’t have to worry about flies any longer.

Why are flies such a problem?

Besides the fact that they are flying around INSIDE your home, there can be hundreds of pathogens associated with flies. The house fly alone can carry such pathogens as Shigella, E. Coli, and Salmonella. These can cause diseases within you and your family, as well as any pets you may have.

Flies can breed very quickly. While a life expectancy may only be eight days, they are capable of producing more flies within a short period of time. One pair of flies has the potential to produce 1 million offspring (or more) through the offspring of the offspring within a few short weeks – and that can lead to horrible infestations that you don’t want to deal with!

Flies land often because they only have two wings. Each time they land, bacteria is dropping. This means as they land across the kitchen counter where you prepare food, they are contaminating your work space and this is how diseases are established. Each time they land, there’s also microbes being dropped and this can lead to more germs and lead to diarrhea, various infections, and even food poisoning.

Where are the flies?

There’s no place that flies won’t get, especially if the problem has escalated and you have an infestation. They can be found in the kitchen, in the drains of your sink, around the garbage, in the garage/stables/barn, and just about anywhere else. What started out as a few innocent flies can become a problem very quickly. Once they have taken over one area, they will spread out for more food sources and more space.

Before you know it, the flies are everywhere and now you need serious help!

Knowing Your Flies

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 species of flies in the United States? If you don’t know what kind you have, then you can’t treat them. They can look a lot alike, but if you don’t know the right kind of fly, you could be using the wrong kind of treatment. Wrong treatment means the problem isn’t going away, which means it could be getting worse.

Remember that the longer the flies are in your home, the longer they have to breed. They are spreading diseases every time they land and this is just not a good option when you’re talking about a residence where you and your family live. If you have noticed anyone dealing with less than stellar health symptoms or feeling under the weather, it may very well have to do with the flies.

Never assume you just have one fly.

Many people figure they have houseflies and treat as such. You don’t want to make such assumptions. As the fly problem gets worse, you may not have just one species. If you spray with a basic fly killer, you may be killing some and letting others live.

We have the information to help you control and get rid of your fly problem so you don’t have to worry about them any longer. Create the fly free home today with our help at All State PRO Exterminators. We’re a phone call away from helping!

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House Fly Facts

More than 100 pathogens associated with the house fly may cause disease in humans and animals, including: typhoid, cholera, bacillary dysentery and infantile diarrhea.

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